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Maria Genoveva Luna Rosales

Profile Updated: June 4, 2024
Residing In
Murfreesboro, TN USA
Ministerial Christian Ed Paralegal ABA Certified
Joshua 76’ and Isaiah 83’ (sons)
Lily 99’ Alexis 03’ Gabriel 05’ Elizabeth 3 yrs old (grand children)

After graduation In 1970 I worked at WSMR NM as a government employee.
In 1975 I followed my husband Ruben Rosales to Mainz Germany when he joined the US Army. I continued to work for the federal government in Mainz as well. We did not have a car so we Took the bus to the chapel. We had given our hearts to Jesus Jesus chapel in El Paso Texas. We were looking for someone to baptize us just as Jesus had been by John the Baptist. The soldier picked us up at the bus stop and take us to his church where we were baptized submerged in water In Jesus name Acts 2:38-39. I had received the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues and was healed of 10 years of asthma. We read our Bible every day and witness to many soldiers and families about Jesus. I also continued to work for the federal government.
In 1978 we returned to the El Paso TX. We attended the United Pentecostal Church truth tabernacle. We baptized our children at this church in Jesus name. We had planned to attend CBC Conquerors Bible college to learn more about the Holy Bible. In 1978 we moved to Portland OR to attend Conquerors Bible College affiliated with United Pentecostal Church In 1981 we graduated Ministerial and Christian Ed Major. We helped to a start a church in Hood River OR. We took Bible college students to ID, WA and OR to different churches. We taught many Bible studies, held street meetings, ministered in rescue missions, prisons, booking facilities, hospice, nursing homes and door knocking.
In 1982 we moved to Cascade Locks OR to start a new work for the Lord. I became pregnant with Isaiah. Ruben was working for Bonnieville Power Plant. I came down with toxemia and moved back to El Paso TX so Isaiah could be born there.
In 1983 Ruben re-enlisted in the Army at Ft Bliss TX. He had a hernia operation. After recuperating he was sent to Nuremberg Germany. I followed with my two sons Joshua and Isaiah. Ruben became an E6 Non Commissioned Officer. I continued working for the federal government. We met many military families and took them to church. We traveled to Holland France Austria and all over Germany. We brought back many memories and pictures.
In 1986 we returned to El Paso TX. while awaiting for Rubens orders to Ft Polk LA. After a short stay we moved to Ft Polk LA. I continued working w the federal government as a secretary. I volunteered in the housing community for three years after work. To make life better for the soldiers and their families, Ruben and my boys assisted me every night while I served as a volunteer mayor. My community consisted of 1600 families. We were selected 3rd place Great American Family Award signed by Barbara Bush former First Lady of USA. I served as a volunteer Mayor as one of 13 Mayors. We conducted programs for child and spouse abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, energy and recycling program, Mr McGruff tags were made for children, self help classes for housing repairs, entrance beatification contests, Spring and Fall clean up, block parties and attended military command functions. We attended the Pentecostals of Alexandria LA with Pastor Mangun and sang with Gerund Davis as director in the choir. We were able to be a part of a live recording with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir in New York City NY. The choir also flew to San Francisco to perform in many churches. We lived in LA 5 years.
In 1991 Ruben retired with a medical condition after sustaining a head injury with brain damage in a baseball game during PT physical training. He had three granmal seizures, short term memory loss, verbal damage and on many medications. The doctors said he would never work again. The hospital called and I immediately drove from Alexandria to Ft Polk which was an hour away. I was home schooling Joshua and Isaiah at the time. His doctors said he would never work again.
In 1991 we moved to El Paso TX while awaiting his permanent disability. I continued home schooling the boys while awaiting his disability from Social Security and VA. He was on many medications. We tried starting a new church work but his condition prevented him so we attended church services with our home church with Pastor Ron Oliver.
In 1992 we moved to Stockton CA where we lived for 15 years. We attended Christian Life Center with Pastor Kenneth Haney. We continued teaching Sunday school. The boys were able to attend Christian school. I continued working for the federal government. We taught a Sunday school class of 52 boys. There is a great need for Sunday school teachers. The drug culture, crime and violence Is very real. A girl was shot to death at the entrance of the church. I started working security in CA. I felt a need to protect the citizens. Although we only were to observe and report the police would often thank us tor assisting them with our reports. Security is severely underrated but since 911 we are respected. I was working in Sacramento CA completing my paralegal internship with the CA State Public Defenders. I would work security at night at the state capital and in the morning work with the Public Defenders. I completed another internship with an immigration attorney as a paralegal. I was an office manager at a legal typing.service and learned all of the forms needed for wills, conservatorships, dissolutions, guardianship, name changes, bankruptcy, and a variety of other documents.
In 1999 Ruben and I divorced. The brain damage prevented us from continuing our marriage. We filed irreconcilable differences. I continued my college as a paralegal. I worked as a legal document preparer. Isaiah married and moved to Salinas CA to assist with the church.
In 2005 after my divorce from Ruben, I moved to El Paso TX to live with my mom. I continued working security and working on my Masters Degree on line with Ashford University in Organizational Manegement Human Resources. Joshua moved to AK to work with Wells Fargo.
In 2009 I moved to Juneau AK with Joshua, my oldest son, who was working for Wells Fargo. This was the most beautiful experience living in the wildest part of the US. The bears roaming freely and whales coming to spawn in the bays was thrilling to see. The bears would roam into the restaurants and the owners would shoot them with shot guns. The ice would freeze on the cars and we could not open the doors. We would have to purchase ice defroster and spray it into the openings. I worked for Walmart in the electronics department for a year. I landed an office manager position but when Joshua was offered another branch manager position in Nashville TN, I did not accept the position. We attended church with Pastor Nelson and had the honor of assisting with the music accompaniment when the pastor and his wife went on vacation. I loved learning about the Indians and their culture. Many have very lucrative jobs in the nursing field.
In 2009 Joshua was transferred to Nashville TN so I moved with them to continue working and completing my Masters in HR Mgmt. My undergraduate degree as a paralegal completed in 2005 as a paralegal allowed me to work for many attorneys in family law, personal injury, immigration, criminal law and bankruptcy. I have been involved in many elections for county commissioners, mayoral races, state representative and presidential campaigns. We did door knocking and phone banking. It was very rewarding. We would walk from house to house. I have moved many times to different cities such as Gallatin, Hendersonville, Nashville and Murfreesboro. I have made many friends. The country music is the life of the south and glues together their story of love and life's struggles. It was quite revealing to see their camaraderie is still alive and well. The civil war has bonded them and the past is never forgotten.
In 2019 I won 2nd Place Christmas Decorating contest in Murfreesboro TN where I am currently living and received $200 off my rent. I am involved in starting a new church in Brentwood TN with Pastor Kirk Denney. We serve at the Nashville rescue missions, visit nursing homes and look for homeless people under the bridges. My personal evangelism has allowed me to win many souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. Please obey Acts 2:38-39. My son Isaiah moved to TN to live with me while awaiting a kidney. He received a kidney and is recuperating. Please continue to pray for us.

I was raised a Catholic until I was 23. In 1974 a friend from high school Steve Dell invited me to his church called Jesus Chapel in El Paso TX . This is where I met Jesus for the first time. Three ministers laid hands on my head. They said Jesus wanted to fill me with his Holy Spirit. I needed peace in my life and agreed to close my eyes and lift my hands in surrender. They said I would feel his presence and begin to speak in tongues for three hours. My tongue was not moving and I felt a movement in my stomach that traveled up to my throat. There were sounds coming from inside of me. The Holy Bible said in Isaiah that Rivers of Living water would flow from my belly and with stammering lips and another tongue He would speak to his people. I felt a heavy burden fall off of me. I cried and laughed. I knew my life would never be the same again. As a child I became ill with asthma but was healed when I receive the Holy Ghost. The first year I read my Bible 20 times. Since then I have listened to Bible cassette tapes and CD’s and read every version of the Bible night and day. My kids memorized the Bible from listening to it in my car. I had scripture posters glued to the walls of my apartment. We had hourly nightly devotions with the kids. Now we have an app on our smart phones to listen to the Bible. I have Alexander’s Scorbys CDs and dramatization of the Bible. I used the KJV Thompson Chain Center Column reference Strongs Concordance Matthew Henry and Clark’s Commentary, The Genesis Record, Bible Lands and Customs. These were my Bible College manuals. People should go to Bible college first before college. We need to prepare to meet Jesus in the air when the trumpet sounds.

In 1975 we were stationed in Mainz Germany. I spent hours reading my Bible. I read where Jesus had been baptized by John the Baptist. We began to look for someone to baptize us. A soldier picked us up as we waited for the bus to take us to our apartment. He had many Jesus stickers on his glove compartment door. He asked if we wanted a ride. I asked him if he knew where we could get baptized. The Jesus stickers were a sign that Jesus had sent him. He took us to the Lighthouse in Wiesbaden-Dotzheim Germany. Pastor Alvin and Rhoda Cobb were missionaries from Conquerors Bible college in Portland OR. Their sons were Kevin Kerry, Kendal and daughter. They had rented a 52 room mansion, the home of a Dutches that was being used by the Air Force as a Rod and Gun club. The German government leased it to Pastor Cobb for $500 a month. The Rod and gun club had shot holes in the walls literally. The government allowed them to start a church there as long as they plastered the walls and painted it. They maintained the heating system and started church services and Sunday school and soon there would be a coffee house ministry and place for the soldiers to spend the weekends. A Bible college and many conferences were held there from many countries in Europe. Many missionaries came to speak and minister. There were also German Pentecostal services. Rev. N Wayne was the German missionary with the United Pentecostal Church with his wife Rev. Esther Nigh who assisted him with piano accompaniment and women’s classes. Their children were Walter Brent Michael and Stephanie. They were musically talented and love the Lord with all their heart.
We asked Pastor Cobb if we could be baptized. He asked if we had repented of our sins. We said yes. Then he agreed to baptize us in Jesus name as is stated in the Book of Acts 2:38-39. As a Catholic I was taught that Peter was the first pope. So I obeyed the scripture which said, “Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promises is unto you and to your children and to all that are far off even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” My sins were washed away and any sins, past present or future would be under the blood of Jesus as long as I repented and was sincerely sorry for my sins. We lived in this mansion for six months overlooking the city of-
Wiesbaden-Dotztheim Germany. The landscaping around the building consisted of trees, bushes and flowers of every kind. At night we would go on the roof to look at the skies full of stars and the city lights. Jesus was now Lord of our lives and we did everything in Jesus name and prayed for his blessings night and day. Joshua was conceived there. Before I met Jesus I never wanted to have children and always threatened my husband that I would have an abortion if I ever got pregnant. But now Jesus was Lord of my life and I prayed for my first child. After five years of being married I never got pregnant until we got baptized in Jesus name. We began to witness to soldiers and their wives and would bring them to church where they would be baptized in Jesus name. We met many young families who became Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. We learned the songs of praise and we shared music from different composers. My favorite was Andre Crouch. I will never forget how Jesus changed my life. There were many military chapels and our choir would travel by bus too many military bases in Germany. I learn to play tambourine with the best of them.Pastor Cobb told us about Bible college. We did not want to leave Germany but we knew we were being led by Jesus to become ministers.

In 1978 we attended Conquerors Bible college in Portland OR. Rev. John Klemin was President of CBC and Rev. Ruby Klemin was his wife. They were our instructors. We wrote to him asking for help in finding an apartment and they had one waiting for us at the home of a family that he knew. They would give us jars of raw milk and taught us how to make cream and butter. They were in love with Joshua. A young couple attending the Bible college asked if they could babysit Joshua while we went to school. They wanted to have children but could not. After a year she became pregnant. Joshua attended many classes with us. He was only five years old. We started our classes with prayer services at 7 AM. Our classes consisted of every single book of the Bible both Old and New Testament. We learned about the lives of the prophets and apostles and the teachings of Jesus. The Holy Ghost allowed us to learn the mysteries of the Bible. Many people see the Bible as only a book. It is the living word of God. It speaks life into you. We attended CBC for four years. We completed an internship at Hood River OR under Rev. Raymond A. Sirstad. He and his wife Rebecca were our Bible college instructors. He was our pastor in Hood River OR. He had a burden to start a new church in Hood River OR. We had bought a new 1975 Chevy van and we used it to carry Bible college students to and from Portland to Hood River OR through the Columbia River Gorge every Wednesday and Sunday. Our services were held in the home of Sis Ann and her husband and soon he sold us land to build our church. This was our first time helping to start a new church. Many Bible college students and families joined in building this church which was a home missions project with the United Pentecostal Church. Sis Ann had a mother by the name of Rev. Lucille Farmer. She was the mother of Sis Ann. and Sis Rose. She once was a pastor in New Mexico. She baptized Pastor Alvin Cobb in Jesus name in New Mexico when he was in the Air Force. He received the Holy Ghost and went to Conquerors Bible college in Portland OR where he met his wife Rhoda. Reverend Lucille Farmer was a missionary in Ecuador and Israel. She came back from the mission field with Parkinson’s disease. Pastor Cobb came to visit Rev. Lucille Farmer in Hood River OR. She thought she had come to die but the Lord showed her this family from Mexico and decided to start a new ministry with this Spanish family. They owned a taco house restaurant and we would have breakfast on Sunday mornings and witness to them. They had seven children that were married and we would invite them to church. They were Baptist so we started a Search for Truth Bible study in their kitchen with a cassette tape recorder and played Christian music. They finally started coming to church and liked the hand clapping, raising of hands and speaking in tongues. They were all baptized in Jesus name Their children were in Sunday school and soon became musicians in the church and teachers. This church has grown and move to a bigger building. Our lives were changed as we learned how to serve the Lord in the ministry. We assisted in ministerial trips with our van to ID and WA with the Bible college students. They brought their puppets for the children Sunday school classes. They sang and preached in different churches. We door knocked and passed out tracts about Jesus. I was expecting my second child Isaiah and we decided to move back to El Paso TX.

In 1983 Ruben joined the Army in Ft Bliss TX in the delay entry program. I was expecting my second child Isaiah. We went to Nurnberg Germany in the military. I worked as a secretary for the federal government. We began to serve the Lord witnessing to everyone that would listen. This time I took my six-year-old son Joshua and my six month old son Isaiah and 18 pieces of luggage. Rev N Wayne Nigh met us at the airport in Frankfurt Germany. He was a missionary at the Lighthouse where Pastor Alvin Cobb had baptized us in Jesus name. Rev. Nigh and his wife Esther were both ministers and their sons Walter, Brent, Michael and daughter Stephanie were their children. Esther and Rhoda were sisters. We were happy to see them again but we knew that we had to start a new church in Nurenberg Germany. Our next Pastor would be Rev. Richard McGrffin at a military chapel. We began door knocking at the military housing apartments and witnessing to wives and their husbands about Jesus. Isaiah began having seizures. We almost lost Isaiah when he was 18 months to spinal meningitis and encephalitis. The church fasted and prayed. Jesus healed him. The doctors did not expect him to live through the night and called him a miracle. Pastor Dan Cox was also our pastor and we went on many trips with them.We made sure that all of our families heard the gospel and were baptized in Jesus name received the Holy Ghost. Jesus said to go into all the world and that’s what we did.

In 1987 we were stationed in Fort Polk LA and attended the Pentecostals of Alexandria for five years. We ministered in the jails booking facilities nursing homes and street meetings. I played my accordion and Ruben preached and baptized the prisoners. On the military base I worked as a secretary for the federal government and was a volunteer mayor with a community of 1600 families. Out of 13 communities mine was the largest. I witness to so many people on the base during Desert Storm. Men , women and children were committing suicide. Mother’s would send their children out to play on the play grounds. Then they would take sleeping pills. Men would come home after receiving their deployment orders and put guns in their mouths and bIos out their brains. Children would hang themselves in the second story stairwells. I fasted and prayed that my husband would not have to go. I prayed and laid on my face every morning before going to work and cried my eyes out for him. He left for his deployment to Fort Hood TX. A miracle happened and he did not have to go because the National Guard soldiers that were supposed to go with them went AWOL. He escaped the war but one morning at a physical training baseball game between the officers and the NCIC‘s he was struck in the head sliding into home base by the catcher with the baseball mit on the left side of his head. It caused skull fracture on his temple causing granmal seizures verbal damage short term memory loss personality disorders head which caused him brain damage and he was medically discharged from the army. Our lives took a turn for the worst but we decided that our boys would also go to Bible college so we moved to Stockton CA and attended Christian Life Center. We taught Sunday school to 52 boys ages 7 to 12. Isaiah and Joshua wore their suits and ties and taught alongside. They attended Christian school. Then I decided to homeschool them until they graduated from Living Heritage Academy through the ACE Program. My marriage lasted 27 years with the man I had known for 32 years since my high school days. Although I failed in my marriage the word of God sustained us and Jesus was faithful. We are still serving the Lord.
In 2005 I moved to El Paso TX with Pastor Ron Oliver who was my home church pastor. My family was happy that I was back and they would go to church with me. Joshua moved to Juneau AK and attended Pastor Nelson’s church. I was working at Walmart I’ve had many opportunities to witness to people in the electronics department.

In 2009 Josh was transferred to Nashville TN. We attended Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church with Pastor Tim Zuniga. They were in a church building program. I began listening to my Bible to and from work and witness to everyone I meet about Jesus. Some times they come to church with me. Miss Carter was working with me at Walmart and I decided to witness to her about Jesus name baptism. She came and was baptized at Goodlettsville Pentecostal church.Some times they just listened. I want to hear Jesus say Matthew 25:23 KJV
[23] His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

‪3625 Manson Pike Unit 8102 Murfreesboro TN 37219‬ ‪(209) 423-0371‬ genoveva_rsls@yahoo.com

MA- Ashford University HR Mgmt 2010 ‪400 North Bluff Blvd. Clinton, IA 52732‬ ‪1-866-711-1700‬
BS - Humphreys College & School of Law, Paralegal Studies ABA Certified 2005 ‪6850 Inglewood Ave, Stockton, CA 95207‬ ‪(209) 478-0800‬
AS - El Paso, Community College Legal Secretarial Science Stenographer 1987 ‪P.O. Box 20500, El Paso, TX 79998‬, ‪(915) 594-2000‬
Diploma, Conquerors Bible College 1981 Ministerial/Christian Education, Rev. G. M. Sponslor, ‪93 N.E. 197th Ave, Portland, OR 97203‬, ‪(503) 667-6131‬
Diploma, Irvin High School 1970 ‪9465 Roanoke, El Paso, TX 79924‬

West Law
File Maker Pro
MS Word
MS Power Point 4.0
MS Project
MS Excel
MS Outlook
Fluent in Spanish (Speak, read and write)
Typing speed 60 WPM

07/1982 to 11/1982 Riverview Terrace P.O. Box 712 Cascade Locks OR Mr. Bettes ‪503-374-8894‬
08/1980 to 12/1980 Central Chalet Apartments ‪9022 N. Central Portland OR 97203‬ Mr. Bowman

05/99 to 06/00. Clerk (OA) GS‪0303-04/10‬ $28,882 yearly. Veterans Administration Palo Alto Health Care System, Palo Alto Division Psychiatry, VISN 21 Sierra-Pacific Mental Illness, Research Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC), ‪3801 Miranda Ave. Palo Alto , CA 94304‬, Dr. Albert Jerome Yesavage ‪(650) 493-5000 x 65147‬.
03/92 to 05/92. Clerk Typist, GS ‪0322-4/10‬ $20,551. VA Medical Center Allied Health Services Dietetic Service Alexandria, LA 71301, Theresa Brevelle, ‪318 473-0010‬.
11/91 to 12/91. Office Automation Clerk GS-0326-04 $19,725.England AFB, LA (TAC) Tactical Fighter Wing ‪23D Medical Group Hospital SVC, Alexandria, LA 71303‬, LTC COL Murtagh, ‪318 448-2455‬
06/92 to 09/92. Hearing Clerk Medical Transcriptionist GS‪0986-04/10‬ $19,725.Social Security Administration, Office of Hearings and Appeals, ‪3744 Government St. Alexandria, LA 71303‬, Tammy Ware, ‪318 473-7887‬.
11/87 to 04/88.Supply Clerk (Typing) GS2005-04-04 $14,544. U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Polk, DOL Supply and Services Division, Central Issue Facility Branch, Fort Polk, LA 71459, Jim Wiggins, ‪318 531-6781‬.
06/85 to 09/86. Services Clerk (Typing) GS0303-04-02 $12,862. Military Community, Division of Engineering and Housing, Family Housing Management Branch, Nurnberg Germany APO NY 09696, Donald E. Martin, ‪0911 460-6394‬
02/85 to 06/85. 40 hrs per wk. Supply Clerk/Documents Custodian, GS 2005 ‪04/01‬ $12,862, 1ST Armored Division, 1st Air Defense, DMMC; Division Property Book Office, Monteith Barracks, Mainz Germany APO NY 09068 W-2 Wade, ‪0911 460‬
07/84 to 11/84. 40 hrs per wk. Military Personnel Clerk GS0204 05/01 $13,903 U. S. Army Medical Department Activity, USA MEDDAC Military Personnel Branch, Nuernberg Germany APO NY 09105, SFC Lamb, ‪0911 461-5954‬
07/75 to 02/76. Secretary-Steno GS ‪0318 04/01‬$7,976 yearly. Mainz Military Community Activity, Facilities Engineers, Mainz, Germany, APO 09185, MAJ Kearns. ‪0911 461-5954‬
6/74 to 06/75. Documents Custodian, Clerk Typist, GS0322‪03/02‬ $6,989 yearly Army Missile Test & Evaluation Directorate, Foreign Intelligence Office, White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002, Jackson L. Wilson, ‪505 678-2825‬.
12/73 to 06/74. Clerk Typist, GS‪0322 02/01‬ $5,682 yearly. Army Missile Test & Evaluation Directorate, Program & Analysis Division, Instrumentation Branch, ‪White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002‬, Samuel ‪R. Cooper, 505‬ 678-2825.
10/73 to 12/73. Clerk Typist, GS-0322-02-01 $5,682 yearly. Army Missile Test & Evaluation Directorate, Program & Analysis Division, Test Management Data Branch, White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002, Louis C. Dennis, ‪505 678-3115‬ .
6/73 to 10/73. Clerk Typist GS-0322-02 $5,682 yearly. Army Missile Test & Evaluation Directorate, Program & Analysis Division, White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002, James L. Jackson, ‪505 678-3115‬.
12/1971 to 06/1973 Sales Clerk/Cashier Ft. Bliss Post Exchange, El Paso, TX 79924 Ms Oniel and Ms. Nozenzo

5/89 to 6/91 Mayor of the Woodland Park Community #2, (Volunteer )U.S. Army Garrison-Ft Polk,¸LA Donna Custard ‪(318) 531-4612‬.

11-2019 to Present Atty Jerome Clay Stockton CA (209) 603-9852
10-2019 to 11-2019 Nashville Legal Aid ‪1321 Murfreesboro Pike Ste 400‬ ‪Nashville TN 37217‬ Dr. Daria Ford ‪(615) 780-7134‬
02/2015 to 06/2016 The Law Firm of John Dana Slater Esq. ‪40 Burton Hills Blvd. Ste 200, Nashville TN 37215‬ ‪615-386-7117‬
1/2014 to 02/2014 The Law Offices of Ford & Associates ‪7000 Executive Center Dr. #110 Brentwood TN 37027‬
01/ 13 to ‪05/13‬ Paralegal Legal Aid Gallatin TN Supervisor Christopher Stephen ‪615-451-1880‬ (Volunteer)
‪04/11 to 05/11 Spanish Free Lance Court Interpreter Tennessee Foreign Language Institute 227 French Landing Dr. Suite 100 Nashville, TN 37228 Hope Collins 615-741-7579 (Volunteer)‬
‪06/08 to 06/08 Paralegal - The Law Office of William A. Schuckman 3031 West March Lane Suite 123 South Stockton, CA 95219-567 (209) 472-1100 Real Estate, Personal Injury and Family Law (Intern)‬
‪1/06 to 03/08 Paralegal - The Law Office of Maribel Nieto, 3649 Mitchell Rd Ste B, Ceres, CA 95307. (209) 537-5200 or (209) 464-5600Family Law and Personal Injury (Intern)‬
‪05/2004 to 01/2006 Paralegal CA State Public Defenders K St. Sacramento CA ‬
Created a crime scene portfolio. Library research of residence familiar with client. Transcribe witness testimonies on Dictaphone. Researched microfiche four traffic tickets. Ordered birth/death/marriage/divorce certificates. ‪ delivered court documents to courthouse. Maintain files for attorneys and legal assistance.
‪03/04 to 05/04 Paralegal Mediation Center of San Joaquin County, Small Claims Paralegal, 829 Rose Marie Lane, Suite D, Stockton, CA 95207, Kristen Rinaker, Christine Fabris (209) 474-8794‬
‪8/02 to 10/03‬. 25 hours per week. Office Manager Legal Document Preparer Delta Legal Typing Service, ‪3232 N. Eldorado, Stockton, CA, 95204‬ Barbara Jantzen, ‪(209) 948-2583‬
06/87 to 11/87. Legal Ads Clerk $3.35 hourly. Leesville Leader, ‪206 E. Texas, Leesville, LA 71446‬, Ronnie Cupstid, ‪318 239-3444‬.

07/19 to 09/19 Cashier Wal-Mart 2000 Old Fort Parkway Murfreesboro TN 37129
‪05/11 to 04/12 Supervisor Customer Service Manager Wal-Mart 5531 Edmonson Pike Nashville, TN 37211 615-834-7771Sharon Mason‬
‪10/10 to 05/11 Cashier Wal Mart 6824 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211 615333-4666 Jason Lankford‬
12/09 to10/10 Electronics Sales Associate Wal-Mart ‪4040 Nolensvillepike, Nashville, TN 37211‬ Randy Bowling ‪615-831-0133‬
‪02/09 to 11/09‬ Electronics Sales Associate Wal-Mart ‪6525 Glacier Highway Juneau AK‬ David McDaniel ‪(907) 789-5000‬
09/1970 to 12/1971 Sales Clerk/Cashier TG&Y Northgate Mall, El Paso, TX 79924, Bill
06/1970 to 09/1970 Cashier, Capri Theater, El Paso, TX 799 Mr. Bill Bohling

‪4/07 to 05/08 Loan Officer, Apex Mortgage 801 West Bloomingdale Ave, Brandon, FL 33511, (209) 808-8183 Cynthia‬

‪04/01 to 05/01 Secretary, GS-0318-06 $33,384 yearly Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General, 201 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Robin Hunt, (415) 744-0420, Joyce Mayeda (415) 744-0436.‬
‪01/01 to 04/01 Secretary, DK-0318/02 $33,321 yearly. U. S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Aeroflightdynamics Directorate, Attn: AMSAM-A-R-A-A, Mailstop YA 210-5, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000, Barry K. Lakinsmith (650) 604-5156.‬
06/00 to 01/01 Secretary, GS ‪0318-04/10‬, $29,929 yearly. Veterans Administration, Health Care System, Psychiatric Service, ‪795 Willow Rd,Menlo Park, CA, 94025‬, Fred Gusman, ‪1-800-946-4645‬ #‪6026823‬.
05/94 to 02/95 Secretary GS ‪0318 05/05‬$21,426. Defense Logistics Agency, DDRW-DDJC-EBS, Product Receipt and Evaluation Division, Receiving Branch, Lathrop, CA ‪95296-00430‬, Ronald D. Cline, ‪209 839-4730‬.
06/90 to 06/94 Secretary-Steno GS0318/05 $19,237 U.S Army Garrison-Fort Polk, DEH, Maintenance/Operations, Division, Maintenance Branch, Fort Polk, LA 71459 Russell Bruce, ‪318 531-3125‬.
04/88 to 09/90 Secretary-Steno GS ‪318-05-04‬$17,313 U.S. Army Garrison-Fort Polk, DEH, Engineering Plans and Svc Div Planning Branch, Fort Polk, LA 71459-3000, Jim V. Kelley ‪318 531-6184‬ :
09/86 to 12/8 Secretary-Steno GS ‪0318-04-02‬$13,291. Drug and Alcohol Rehab Nuremberg Military Community, DPCA, ADAPCP, Merrill Barracks, APONY 09093, James Simmons, ‪0911 460-5801‬.

02/2015 to 04/2015 Substitute Teacher Sumner County ‪625 East Main St. Gallatin TN 37066‬ Patsy Barton ‪615-451-5220‬
‪09/09 to 11/09‬ Substitute Teacher Juneau School District ‪(907) 463-1745‬ Shirley and Charity Coleman Juneau Alaska 99801

‪9/19 to Present Brosnan Risk 1161 Murfreesboro Pike Ste 150 Nashville TN ‬(845) 422-3089 Charles Reily
‪11/16 to 12/2019 Proactive Protective Smart Solutions 2603 Elm Hill Pike Nashville TN Charles Stearns (615) 678-1965‬
‪11/2017 to 02/18 Champion Security 6089 Apple Tree Dr #8-A Memphis TN 38115 615-568-2349 901-630-0384Jackson/Hopkins ‬
‪08/15 to 11/16 Janvier Solutions TN 37211 ‬
‪05/15‬ to 07/2015 Archangel Security Fulton Campus ‪700 2nd Ave Nashville TN‬
‪615-712-9759‬ Maj Nick Cotoia
‪05/15 to 08/15 Rock Solid Security 548 Rosedale Ave Nashville TN 3211 615—254-4357 Supervisor Scott ‬
‪05/15 to 08/15 TN Protective Agency 3866 Dickerson Pike, Nashville TN 37217 Charles Rider 615 394-5531‬
‪03/15 to 05/15 Dynamic Sec 1100 Kermit Dr. Ste 100 Nashville TN 37217 Daniel Phalin 615-360-0020or 615-360-7851‬
‪09/08 to 11/08 Sun City Security 9155 Dyer St. Ste B 90 El Paso TX 79924 (915) 751-6811‬
‪06/08 to 09/08 32California Professional Security, 2500 Wilshire Blvd. Ste 1030 Los Angeles, CA 90057 213-380-2805 Lt. Wilson ‬
‪10/07 to 06/08 Vance Security 5870 Trinity Pkwy Ste 300, Centreville, CA 20120, (510) 638-7639 Jon Maltby French Camp‬
‪09/07 to 10/07 FBK, Inc. P.O. Box 55597, Valencia, CA 91385-0597(800) 459-4068 Armando Sanchez ‬
‪07/07 to 09/07‬ CIS ‪4218 Technology Dr., Modesto, CA 95356‬ ‪(209) 543-3674‬ Don Urquhart
‪10/06 to 07/07 $20,160 yearly, Command Guard Security Agency, 717 Kevin Ct. Oakland, CA 94621, Mr. Serf Sigueira 1-510-633-0000‬
‪09/06 to 10/06 $18,873.60 yearly, Allied Barton Security Agency, 100 Howe Ave, STE 230 North Sacramento, CA 95825 Ms. Rhonda Luster 1-916-489-8280‬
‪05/06 to 09/06 $15,648 yearly, Watson Security Agency, Coeur ‘lane, ID M. Rouhini 1-208-667-2126‬
‪10/04 to 02/05 $100.00 monthly, University of Pacific Security, Public Safety, 3601 Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA, 95211, Pete Lopez 1-209-946-2537‬
‪05/04 to 05/06 $21,777 yearly INTERCON Security 2233 Watt Ave. Suite 230 Sacramento , CA , 95825 Mr. Haines1-916-798-0926 ‬
‪01/04 to 05/04 $16,640 yearly. Wind walker Security, P. O. Box 488 , Acampo , CA 95222 , Richard Edwards, 1-888-333-3953‬
10/03 to 01/04 $15,600 California Industrial Services, ‪4218 Technology Dr. Suite #1, Modesto, CA‬ Susan DeCastro, ‪(209) 477-4848‬.
‪06/03 to 10/03. $18,720 yearly. Atlas Security, 3851 Charter Park Dr. San Jose, CA 95136 or 777 N. Pershing Ave #2, Stockton, CA 95203, Security Guard Mark Estrella,(209) 938-0809. ‬
‪02/02 to 08/02. Security, $16,640 yearly. Roberts Security, 2023 Moran, Modesto , CA 95354 , Mr. Roberts (209) 549-8795. ‬
11/01 to 01/02. 40 hrs per wk. Security Guard, $16, 640 yearly, Pinkerton Security, ‪6820 Pacific Ave, Suite 2A, Stockton, CA 95207‬ Mr. Gill, ‪(209) 473-7892‬
‪05/01 to 10/01‬. $14,560 yearly Delta Protective Services, ‪709 N. Center, Stockton, CA 95202‬, Mr. Borgens, ‪(209) 547-1479‬.

02 /96 to 08/98 Supply Technician Office Automation GS 2005, ‪05/06‬ $21,625. Defense Logistics Agency, DDRW-DDJC-V, Inventory Integrity Div, Inventory Branch, Lathrop, CA ‪95296-00430‬, Eva P. Kwan ‪209 839-4730‬
02/95 to 02/96 Supply Technician Office Automation GS 2005 ‪05/05‬ $21,426. Defense Logistics Agency, DDRW-DDJC-EDS, Product Receipt and Evaluation Division, Documentation Branch, Lathrop, CA ‪95296-00430‬, Brenda Mahan, ‪(209) 839-4730‬.

Certificate of Promotion, 2001, GS-06, Secretary (stenography), San Francisco, CA
Certificate 1991 Workman’s Compensation Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Workers’ Comp, ‪525 Griffin, Dallas, TX 75202‬, ‪(214) 767-4707 32‬ hours
Great American Family Award, 1990, YMCA, Barbara Bush, First Lady to President Bush, Ft. Polk, LA
Certificates of Appreciation, 1991, Mayoral Program, Ft. Polk, LA
Certificates of Appreciation, 1990, Mayoral Program, Ft. Polk, LA
Certificates of Appreciation, 1989, Mayoral Program, Ft. Polk, LA
Certificate of Promotion, 1988, GS-05, Secretary (stenography), Ft. Polk, LA
Certificate of Promotion GS-06, Secretary , San Francisco CA
Certificate, 1986, Better Service to the Customer, Div of Engineering and Housing, Family Housing Management Branch, Germany, APO NY 09696, 8 hours
Certificate, 1982, Basic Telephone Repair Clerk Training, United Telephone, ‪60 State St. Hood River, OR 97039‬, Certificate 8 hours;
Freshman Class Secretary, 1978, Conquerors Bible College, Portland, OR
Fork Lift Operator License
Hybrid-forklift, Platform-forklift Operator

School Story

When we arrived from Grand Forks North Dakota in 1962, my dad had just retired from the Air Force. Our home had been sold in South El Paso next to Bowie HS to the Federal Government due to the Chamizal. This was land that belonged to Mexico. The Rio grande was the border line. It had moved south and the US took possession. The Mexican government complained so the US had to give it back. Our house was bulldozed and a freeway was built over the land where our house once stood. Bowie High School and Hart Elementary school used to border our house.

My dad bought a house in North East El Paso on Salisbury Street. We used to walk to school every day. I was in the seventh grade at the time attending Crosby elementary school. I had attended so many DOD department of the army schools since I was five years old starting with kindergarten in Pensacola Florida. Now we would have to settle down and stay in one location. All schools are basically the same. We just had to make new friends all over again. I was very sick and had asthma for 10 years and had to go to William Beaumont hospital twice a week to get allergy shots. When I would have asthma attacks I would have to go to the emergency hospital to get shots of epinephrine. Then I would take Marax and Tederal and never left the house without my inhaler.

My oldest sister was a tennis champion in Wiesbaden Germany and her trophy is still there to this day since 1959 in Sembach Germany. I know because we were stationed there with Ruben in 75’ and 83’. She graduated from Kaiserslautern High School. My second oldest sister Anita was involved with her studies and graduated in 65’ from IHS. She was a cheer leader at Bowie High school before my dad took us to FL, Germany and ND. My older brother Chuck attended Kaiserslautern High School in Germany and played saxophone in the band. He also played saxophone in the IHS band. He received his diploma from Grand Forks ND High School. My younger brother Albert played tennis and graduated from IHS in 71’. He longed to play as well as Arthur Ash. My younger sister graduated from IHS in 74’. She was in ROTC. Her name is Catalina “Cat” is her nick name.

I was very involved in my studies and never bothered making any friends. One day a girl took an interest in me by the name of Irene Tovar. She asked if I had finished my math assignment. I said that I had but I had no intention of showing it to her. I guess I had a preppy attitude having attended so many military schools. They have very high standards.She did not give up on me. Since I used to walk home we both decided to walk to Gunning Castil Rexall drug store to purchase some cherry colas. Instead of going straight home I would walk all the way with Irene to her house on Teton Street off Diana St. I wanted to get to know the surrounding area. Even in the summer time I would walk at night to her house without any fear of danger. El Paso used to be very quiet. The drive-by shootings had not started. She could never come to my house because my parents did not approve of her. I was not allowed to have friends. When I finally became interested in boys I was not allowed to have boyfriends. Boys would come to my house and I was not allowed to interact with them. My older brother would send them away. One day my dad asked how many boyfriends I had and I said five. He said I want them all to come in one night so I can meet them and they can take you out for 30 minutes or an hour but they have to bring you right back. They each had to bring a present for me. One brought me a brown leather purse. Another brought me a make up mirror with lights. This was John McIver. The other presents were not as impressive and I cannot remember what they were. I was also dating someone from another high school. I would go out with two boys at the same time. Luckily they were both cousins. One of their uncles was dating my sister Anita and that was Ruben Rosales.

I felt safe with Ruben especially since he was related to someone that my sister was going to marry. I made my decision to stay with him all through high school and he became my high school sweetheart. He had his own car. It was a 55’ Chevy. He was number 66 on the football team and he also was a baseball pitcher. He pitched a 7-0 game for Coach Berryhill which they won. He could toss a basket ball at half court side ways. Ruben would pick me up every morning for school. I wore his letterman jacket. After school we got jobs working working together at the A&W when we were 16 years old. I was a carhop and he was the cook. We continue dating and finally graduated. I remember graduation night and the swimming pool party that we had. I wore my first bikini and it was orange crushed velvet. My dad took a picture of me in it and I still have that picture. How I wish I still looked like that.

I had my demons that I was dealing with. We would go out and buy boonberry wine and I would mix them with my medications. There were some serious issues at home with my parents and I couldn’t deal with him so I would use drugs and alcohol to get a high to help me w the depression that I was feeling. I did that all through high school. A boy by the name of Steve Dell came walking past my house while Cat and I were watering the grass outside and invited us to church. I had never been invited to church since I was a Catholic. I went to his church called Jesus chapel and I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues like it talks about in the Bible. Acts 2:38-39. The Spirit of the Lord came inside of me like electricity in a lightbulb! It shocked me and I shook under the power and spoke in another tongue for three hours. It was a language I had never heard coming from inside of me. It was the power of God inside of me. It moved so quickly. I cried and laughed at the same time. The Lord healed me of the asthma and the drugs that night. My mom often would ask me how’s your asthma. I would say the Lord healed me. Please read my testimony above if you have time.

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